1. Rent is due on or before the anniversary date of each month, which is stated on your Rental Agreement. If rent is not received by this date, the account is considered delinquent and a late fee will be assessed.
  2. Owner reserves the right to refuse payments made by check, in person or by mail.
  3. Payments received after posted business office hours will be credited to the tenant’s account the following business day.


  1. Tenants must notify the office at least one week (7 days) prior to move-out by submitting a completed Superior Self Storage Vacate Card. Under no circumstances is verbal notice considered acceptable.
  2. Tenants must vacate the storage unit no later than the anniversary date of the paid up month, in order to avoid being charged for the next month. There is no prorating of rents on move-outs.

Refund Policy (Rents & Deposits)

  1. Prepaid or unused rent is not refundable.
  2. There is no prorating of rent on move-outs.

Ground Rules

  1. Individuals must identify themselves, if requested.
  2. Remove all trash and unwanted items from the space. Tenant is responsible for off-site disposal of trash and unwanted items. Tenant will be charged a fee for trash removal or improper trash disposal.
  3. While driving in the facility, abide by the 5 miles per hour speed limit. When parking vehicles, do not block driveways or other storage spaces.
  4. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to lock the storage unit using one lock. Tenant is responsible for insuring all property within the storage unit.
  5. Please turn off any and all lights when not using the storage unit space.
  6. Storage of welding gasses, gasoline or flammables, explosives or other hazardous and dangerous materials strictly prohibited.
  7. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed on the facility premises.
  8. All materials and items in the storage unit must be placed at least 18” below the fire sprinkler heads.
  9. Absolutely no loitering,
  10. If the stored property is a vehicle or vessel, fuel tanks must be empty; tires must be aired at all times; tenant is responsible for any damages caused by the vehicle/vessel, including leaking of fuel, oil, acids or other fluids.